Running Linux apps in MacOS using docker

August 20, 2016 Technology 1 Comment

Docker is an excellent tool to deploy apps to servers with tight control over its…

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Remote Desktop with VNC

August 20, 2014 Technology 0 Comments

I have been looking for a way to securely connect to the work PC that…

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SSH Tunnel

July 14, 2014 Technology 0 Comments

Most of the systems I need to access are behind other servers that act as…

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Compile VASP on OSX

April 24, 2014 Uncategorized 0 Comments

VASP is a pseudopotential based ab-initio code useful to study electronic structure of materials. Although…

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BibteX from DOI

March 20, 2014 Research 0 Comments

I have been using Mendeley for reference management since it’s inception. It organizes the articles…

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